Unsecured Lines of Credit for Start-Ups

Our most popular product. Used for a variety of New and Established business’s needs. Typical clients receive between 4-8 different Lines of Credit with our different lending partners.

Small Business Funding: Pre-Approved in 2 Hours

  • Free To Apply
  • Apply In Under 2 Minutes
  • No Financials Or Tax Returns
  • No Collateral Required
  • Start Up Businesses Funded
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • $5,000 - $500,000 Fast Funding

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Overview and Benefits - This Program Is Available In ALL 50 STATES

Overview and Benefits - This Program Is Available In ALL 50 STATES

  • STATED INCOME PROGRAM (good personal credit is required, but it’s case-by-case) No Tax Returns, Bank Statements, or Profit & Loss, etc. are requested, either.
  • No collateral required. Clients don’t have to tie up personal assets to obtain financing.
  • Up to $75,000 in funds for business entities less than 2 years old.
  • Up to $150,000 in funds for business entities more than 2 years old.
  • Revolving Accounts - Visa/MC Credit Cards - Funds come in the form of business Visa/MC credit cards in the company name. Non-vendor specific; so not a $10,000 Macy’s card.
  • Ideal client will receive between 5-8 cards from different national and local lenders.
  • These Lines of Credit do not report to personal credit as long as accounts are in good standing. Huge selling point. Clients can keep their business and personal credit separate.
  • Accounts will report to and increase their business credit - Corporate Experian and Commercial Equifax, which will help the client be able to get higher approval amounts and better terms on other Cards, Loans, and Lines of Credit, in the future.
  • Rockfish Funding has over one hundred relationships with National and Local lenders and investors. Our relationships with these lenders help to ensure that get clients the highest approvals and best rates available, and we provide our services at an affordable rate.
  • Guaranteed 0% interest rate on Purchases and/or Balance Transfers for the first 6-12 billing cycles. (Billing cycles are generally about 30 days, but because they don’t necessarily fall on exact calendar months, we don’t want to say ‘months’, because that is not always accurate).
  • We provide the client a Fast, no-cost Funding Estimate (usually available within a few business hours). They Just Need To Submit a Prequal and Full Tri Merge Credit Report.
  • As low as 6.99% - 18.99% rates (purchases) after the Introductory Period. Balance transfers are usually between 2-4% after the Introductory Period. *Rates vary per lender.
  • Most clients receive one or more ‘Instant Approvals’, where a lender approves their application in 48 hours and sends out the cards right away. In this case the client can receive 30-50% of the total funding they are going to receive within about a week!
  • Client typically receive all cards in as few as 15 days, nearly always within 30 days
  • Balance Transfer Checks - Clients who use their accounts properly for the first 6 months or so may be offered Balance Transfer Checks by the lenders. *They can use these checks to make a deposit right into a business checking account, allowing them to be completely liquid!
  • Credit Limit Increases after properly servicing accounts for about 6 months. The Limits on many of these cards can be tripled in 15-18 months. *Clients must request increases.

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