Purchase Order Financing

Here at Rockfish Funding, we offer purchase order financing to companies that need funds in order to export, import, or domestically produce pre-sold merchandise. Our certified financial experts and individualized financial plans are designed to provide badly needed capital and help companies increase their sales and profits.

A few of our many financial areas of expertise include:

Whether your company is a distributor, wholesaler, producer, or reseller of manufactured goods, we offer quick and accessible funding options that can help you succeed. We have extensive experience offering financial assistance to business of all sizes, including start-ups and businesses that have very little cash flow to work with. If you are looking for a reliable source of capital, you have come to the right place.

Purchase Order Financing offers many benefits, including:

Benefits of PO Financing

  • Increases market share
  • Makes it easier to ensure timely delivery to all customers
  • Encourages company growth without increasing traditional bank debt or forcing companies to sell their equity
  • Flexible funding that can be obtained quickly
  • Allows companies to fulfill larger orders

Areas of Expertise

  • Letters of credit for trade
  • Work in process production finance
  • Finance options for domestic trade purchases
  • Import and export transactions

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