Equipment Leasing

At Rockfish Funding, we can finance almost any type of business-related equipment. When you turn to us to take advantage of our equipment leasing program, we will introduce you to our wide selection of financing programs for equipment and provide you with notice of approval within 24 hours.

We offer four different equipment financing programs. These include sales and lease back, startup options for businesses just emerging in their industry, B, C, and D credits, and government and municipal leasing.

Features of Our Equipment Financing Program

Although equipment leasing is a beneficial option for businesses in virtually any industry, our programs are only available to companies that have existed for two or more years. When we help you finance your equipment, we will only require you to make a small down payment, and sometimes we won’t even make a down payment necessary, will structure a payment plan that complements your specific needs, and will offer you a competitive interest rate.

Reasons to Lease

There are several reasons why you should consider financing your business equipment. These include the following:

  • Payments are low—The payments you make to us will likely be lower than the payments you make on other forms of financing your business has acquired.
  • You can preserve your existing lines of credit—Since leasing does not impact your business’ credit lines, you can use this capital to meet your other needs.
  • Your capital is no longer tied up in equipment— By leasing, you have capital available to use for unexpected projects or to cover your business’ operating expenses when revenues are low.
  • Your business’ needs are not compromised by obsolescence— Leasing gives your business the ability to maintain a competitive edge with up-to-date equipment.

Finance Equipment For Your Business

Due to its many advantages, over 80 percent of companies in the U.S. lease at least a portion of their equipment. For more information about how this financing option can benefit your business, contact us at Rockfish Funding today.