Contract Financing

Receiving repayment from your clients over the course of a contract’s lifespan can damage your business’ cash flow operations. With our contract financing program, we can provide you with cash instantly for contracts you already have in place or ones that you are currently in the process of negotiating.

At Rockfish Funding, the approach we take to contract financing allows you to receive as much cash as possible from your existing contracts. Some of the highlights of this financing program include the following:

Features Of Our Program

  • Each transaction is tailored to your specific needs
  • The service contracts we finance must have an equipment component
  • The deal must be worth at least $,1,000,000
Although this financing option is highly beneficial for emerging and startup companies, it cannot be used for any ongoing service contracts your business has in place.

Industries That Can Benefit

Businesses in almost any industry can benefit from this form of commercial financing. However, there are certain industries where contract financing is highly advantageous. These include technology, digital broadcasting, education, food processing, municipal, water purification, waste management, retail, communications, entertainment, and many others.

We Have A Solution For You

At Rockfish Funding, we look forward to helping you finance your contracts so that your business is able to obtain the capital it needs to further its operations. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of financing your company’s contracts.