Property Investments: 5 Tips for Buying Your First Rental

Investing in rental properties is an excellent way to increase your current cash on hand, and has some serious benefits when it comes to taxes, upkeep and more. However, anything dealing with property investments has the potential to be extremely stressful, and this simple face discourages hundreds of would-be investors each and every year. That doesn’t mean that investing should be avoided, though. In fact, following these 5 tips can help make your first buying experience successful and less stressful than ever before:

Do Your Research

When you’re looking to get involved in property investments, you’ll likely have several people looking to give you advice on the matter. It’s always good to listen to these bits of advice, especially if they’re from experienced sources, but in the end, you need to do your own research.

Know Your Limits With Realtors

Your real estate agent can certainly help you out during the buying and renting processes, but don’t rely on them exclusively. Working on unlisted properties without the help of a realtor can actually help to guarantee you the negotiation of a better deal in the long run, and may have a few other distinct benefits.

Have Realistic Expectations About Rent

When it comes to choosing your property, you need to ensure you’re choosing a type of building that will rent. Researching into popular rentals in the area is the best way to get an idea of this. Furthermore, have realistic expectations about how much each space will go for in your specific neighborhood. Outrageous prices can drive away potential tenants.

Financing the Right Way

After gathering enough cash for your down payment, it’s always good to meet with a professional to discuss the extra or hidden costs of owning your type of property. These can include maintenance costs and many other details that you’ll be paying for.

Closing Time

When you’re making the final purchase of your property, keep in mind you’ll want a financial cushion left over. Therefore, always buy your properties at a good 20 – 30 percent below the current market value.

Following these tips can help make your first purchase of investment properties a breeze.

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